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Monday, April 22, 2013

Three protein-rich international drinks for Charlottesville's culinary explorers via

Charlottesville's surrounded by local farms celebrating sustainable and 'Down-to-Earth' food choices and the city's filled with international influences drawn by the University of Virginia. These two factors create a mixing-bowl of health lovers and brave culinary adventurers, making Charlottesville a food haven for residents interested in wild homemade shakes.

Sometimes blending these two interests so inherent to Charlottesville's culture presents a challenge from a health perspective, especially as someone searching for high-protein shakes. Everyone enjoys wild eats, but making them healthy? These three recipes bring Latin America, East Asia, and Europe into the kitchen without sacrificing too much health-wise: The first two drinks pack gobs of healthy protein almost unrivaled in the plant kingdom.

The last drink, a new twist on a Danish dish, trades some health for ingenuity, but the drink remains high-protein as promised. Each recipe includes local shopping tips to make it easier for Charlottesville's oral explorers to enjoy world-wide muscle-building tastes.

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