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Friday, July 26, 2013

Heart Health Benefits of Red Wine--and Local Wine-Pairing Program

Tomorrow, on Saturday, July 27th, Charlottesvillians and food enthusiasts of Albemarle county will gather at Ducard Vineyards for a continuation of the Food and Wine Pairing Program.
"These will be small group, seated tastings in the new barrel room where we'll have in-depth tastings of our current releases," said a Ducard representative in an e-mail to Examiner.

The menu, according to Ducard's website, will showcase various summer-vacation-style items including crabcakes, cheese, bruschetta, sausage, and chocolates.

Visitors will also try vintage wines straight from the barrel in the 60 degree Fahrenheit cellar, said the Ducard representative--a welcome escape from the sweltering summer vacation heat.

Alcohol produces tissue-damaging ketones that promote oxidation and free radical production, primarily in the liver; Charlottesville's red wine, however, may promote heart and vein health, according to a June 27 study in Autonomic Neuroscience this year.

Scientists have long suspected that antioxidants called polyphenols in red wine and grape juice may prevent or treat hypertension, or high blood pressure, but they hadn't fully studied the effects on cardiac autonomic function, according to the June 27 study. This means they didn't know how red wine affected the heart's control of its beat.

So how does red wine affect your heartbeat? Read more here!