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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Military History: Two Medal of Honor Recipients In The Same Battle Treated Differently By Historians

This particular interview has great historiographic value, for Mr. Laplander compares historical treatment of two heroes in the same battle who received different citations. These men worked as an incredible team, saving each other, and when a gun jammed one man stood up in the middle of a hail of bullets to fix it, rather than giving up and staying down. They would not be stopped--but history treated them both differently.

So scroll around the podcast, I think Mr. Laplander and I come in around 40 or so. Play around until you hear a girl's voice--I'm the only lady on the crew.

Monday, November 28, 2011

History and modern uses of the M-1 Garand: The Gun that saved your Grandfather's Life

Somewhere across America, a man sights towards a competition target 600 yards away, finger tensed on a trigger that wears his grandfather’s fingerprints.

The stock of the rifle bolstered against his shoulder may have born the snows of Northern Germany or Korea or the sweat and steam of South Pacific jungles.

Somewhere, an American is holding an M-1 Garand.

Read here:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Being a History Major Is Awesome: I Interview Laplander On the Military Historian Who Cursed Those Who Carried Him Off the Field Of Battle

Wow, Long Title Galore.

Miles, the man in this podcast, became the biographer of the Lost Battalion, essentially, and his group of guys in World War II loved him. As a history major, I felt connected with a man unafraid to step into history himself and make a difference; yet I am awed by the historian who wanted others to become the center, not himself. This man was angry that he received the Medal of Honor without dying.

Listen to the rest of his story here--(Skip to 14:40 for Miles)

Should I feel concerned about how short these posts have become? I hope not. This is the How Not To Blog. I should only be concerned with how not to post. However, research shows that shorter posts get better reads on blogs--around 300 to 500 words max. I am trying hard to make sure I'm not doing this right, but I fear I actually have the length correct for this one. But I lose points for rambling--rambling is never good in a blog--so there, we're back to How Not To do things.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Only Gun Range in Manhattan: the risk it takes to run it, and what a super-liberal lady had to say

Movies and TV shows depict the streets of New York riddled with gunfire and violence—but on a normal day in Manhattan’s Flatiron district, most of the shooting happens under the street and inside.

Above ground, “another round” means someone has just ordered drinks, but at the Westside Pistol and Rifle Range, another round means “reload": Westside Pistol and Rifle is the safe underground where gun owners can escape the scrutiny of New York’s anti-gun attitudes.

 “It’s like a little oasis in New York City,” said Martin Vezzuto, a young pro-hunting New Yorker, upon an Oct. 19 visit to the range.

Westside is the only gun range in Manhattan, said Darren C. Leung, the range’s Chinese-American owner. He said the range is more than a business; it is his calling.

Read about the controversy, comradery, and conversation below--why would a super-liberal girl check out a gun range and enjoy it? And why would you attack a hunter with a dog? Crazy New York--read more here!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Better Late Than Never: Wisconsin Allows Concealed Carry, and I Allow You to Know About It

Oh my dear readers, I completely forgot to post this on Tuesday!
Dude. SO MANY GUNS in Wisconsin now, and so much fuss about the Governor. Can you imagine a third of Wisconsin's citizens armed? Also, what do studies say anyway? Read about pro-gun and anti-gun studies below.

Excerpt: "The response from Wisconsin citizens has been overwhelmingly positive, he said. “Contact the Wisconsin Department of Justice for details, but news reports have shown that 80,000 people downloaded applications for the permit yesterday." Wisconsin has a population of 5,654,774 according to the Census Bureau, so nearly 1.5 percent of Badgers have already applied for permits within the first day. If requests were to continue at that rate, within a month nearly a third of Wisconsin’s citizens will have applied for permits"
Read it all here.

Friday, November 4, 2011

In the beautiful state of Virginia, controversy is brewing as powerful 7-term state senator Ed Houck and a national anti-abortion PAC, the Susan B Anthony List--face off!

Breaking news for all you Virginians and the rest of you who don't care about VA--things are about to get strange in VA. Why would a national organization go after a state senator? And how many abortions do we have in Virginia a year?

Read about it there, by yours truly.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gun Saint: A Review of a Book About a Catholic Who Shot A Lizard, Saved a Town, and May Become Patron Saint of HandGunners. It's like Boondock Saints All Over Again

That, my friends, is how not to write a title. But seriously, things are getting crazy all up in St. Possenti's life, like a real-life Boondock Saint only without the cursing and weird symbolism! Read about the book Gun Saint here!

"The Catholic Church celebrates patron saints ranging from the obvious to the obscure, from doctors to undertakers. Why not add a patron saint for responsible handgun heroes?

John M. Snyder, former Jesuit seminarian and gun rights activist, tells the story of that question with simplicity, detail, and persistence, beginning with the tale of the Passionist Patron Saint of Youth, who saved an 1860 Italian town from marauding rapists and thieves--by shooting a lizard."

Keep reading! There!

Toomey: Protect Conscience Rights: Keystone Senator Opposes HHS Contraceptive Regulation

Read my article about "a Health and Human Services regulation that orders health care providers to cover, with no cost sharing, all contraceptives and sterilization techniques approved by the Food and Drug Administration..." Meanwhile, "a freshman senator from Pennsylvania announced Oct. 20 he will co-sponsor the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act to thwart this regulation which he said forces Catholic organizations to cover contraceptives against their faith."

Read all this breaking news here: