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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gun Saint: A Review of a Book About a Catholic Who Shot A Lizard, Saved a Town, and May Become Patron Saint of HandGunners. It's like Boondock Saints All Over Again

That, my friends, is how not to write a title. But seriously, things are getting crazy all up in St. Possenti's life, like a real-life Boondock Saint only without the cursing and weird symbolism! Read about the book Gun Saint here!

"The Catholic Church celebrates patron saints ranging from the obvious to the obscure, from doctors to undertakers. Why not add a patron saint for responsible handgun heroes?

John M. Snyder, former Jesuit seminarian and gun rights activist, tells the story of that question with simplicity, detail, and persistence, beginning with the tale of the Passionist Patron Saint of Youth, who saved an 1860 Italian town from marauding rapists and thieves--by shooting a lizard."

Keep reading! There!

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