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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Only Gun Range in Manhattan: the risk it takes to run it, and what a super-liberal lady had to say

Movies and TV shows depict the streets of New York riddled with gunfire and violence—but on a normal day in Manhattan’s Flatiron district, most of the shooting happens under the street and inside.

Above ground, “another round” means someone has just ordered drinks, but at the Westside Pistol and Rifle Range, another round means “reload": Westside Pistol and Rifle is the safe underground where gun owners can escape the scrutiny of New York’s anti-gun attitudes.

 “It’s like a little oasis in New York City,” said Martin Vezzuto, a young pro-hunting New Yorker, upon an Oct. 19 visit to the range.

Westside is the only gun range in Manhattan, said Darren C. Leung, the range’s Chinese-American owner. He said the range is more than a business; it is his calling.

Read about the controversy, comradery, and conversation below--why would a super-liberal girl check out a gun range and enjoy it? And why would you attack a hunter with a dog? Crazy New York--read more here!

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