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Monday, November 14, 2011

Better Late Than Never: Wisconsin Allows Concealed Carry, and I Allow You to Know About It

Oh my dear readers, I completely forgot to post this on Tuesday!
Dude. SO MANY GUNS in Wisconsin now, and so much fuss about the Governor. Can you imagine a third of Wisconsin's citizens armed? Also, what do studies say anyway? Read about pro-gun and anti-gun studies below.

Excerpt: "The response from Wisconsin citizens has been overwhelmingly positive, he said. “Contact the Wisconsin Department of Justice for details, but news reports have shown that 80,000 people downloaded applications for the permit yesterday." Wisconsin has a population of 5,654,774 according to the Census Bureau, so nearly 1.5 percent of Badgers have already applied for permits within the first day. If requests were to continue at that rate, within a month nearly a third of Wisconsin’s citizens will have applied for permits"
Read it all here.

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