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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Being a History Major Is Awesome: I Interview Laplander On the Military Historian Who Cursed Those Who Carried Him Off the Field Of Battle

Wow, Long Title Galore.

Miles, the man in this podcast, became the biographer of the Lost Battalion, essentially, and his group of guys in World War II loved him. As a history major, I felt connected with a man unafraid to step into history himself and make a difference; yet I am awed by the historian who wanted others to become the center, not himself. This man was angry that he received the Medal of Honor without dying.

Listen to the rest of his story here--(Skip to 14:40 for Miles)

Should I feel concerned about how short these posts have become? I hope not. This is the How Not To Blog. I should only be concerned with how not to post. However, research shows that shorter posts get better reads on blogs--around 300 to 500 words max. I am trying hard to make sure I'm not doing this right, but I fear I actually have the length correct for this one. But I lose points for rambling--rambling is never good in a blog--so there, we're back to How Not To do things.

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