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Monday, April 22, 2013

5 ways for Charlottesvillians to eat organic tulips

Keriann S. Koeman started Charlottesville's local EcoTulips with her Dutch husband in 2009 with an emphasis on pesticide-free, farmer-friendly tulip growth. Like Charlottesville itself, the company's success grew out of international influence, and influence from local farming backgrounds.

Now, EcoTulips sells tulips at $1 per stem during picking season, and online for a bit more for the rest of the year. The company recently branched out to sell USDA-certified Dahlias, and they run a partnership program for schools, churches, and nonprofits interested in using tulips for fundraising.

While most customers arrive to the field to see and maybe smell the flowers, Koeman offered several tips for taste. Nearly--nearly is the key word here--all the parts of a tulip are edible and like lettuce or other greens, relatively healthy.

Read on for five edible tulip tips.

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