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Friday, April 12, 2013

Jedi Mind Control: Serious Gaming for the Human Brain via InsertQuarterly

It’s time gamers took gaming more seriously.

That’s not a cry commonly heard from our friends, families, or even the rest of the gaming community, although analysts are now yammering about changing the way we value games. A while back the popular Extra Credits game analysts chastised video game critics and developers for focusing on “fun” at the expense of artistic expression: we put art in a suffocating and ultimately withering box, they say, when we forget that games have other intellectual value besides Mario-parties in our brains. Games are not just fun–they’re a legitimate and serious artistic outlet.

It’s a decent argument, but not a common one, and while arguably many game developers–especially indie outfits like ever-philosophical Daniel Benmergui–do focus on art beyond fun, we rarely talk about games in the mind of the consumer. If critics need to take games as art more seriously, maybe there’s an even greater need for

FOR WHAT??? AND WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH JEDI??? Well you'll have to click for that, won't you. 
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