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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How Not to Redesign Your Blog, and Pagan Gods

So, first rule of failing at redesign--plagiarize.

And then, fail at plagiarism, when you let everyone know that they can get cool backgrounds like this at

Mwahahaha the cyclical failure is killing you, I know! Anyway, and then, don't bother to replace the header image, oh no. And then, don't bother to pay attention to making the font of the "blog description" visible. With the amount of fail that we'll have your blog spouting, like a putrid snot volcano, no one will need to read it anyway.

Mmm, putrid snot volcano. An old legend--I believe either Japanese or Babylonian, although I have unfortunately forgotten--held that the earth was formed when one god got into a fight with another and tied the other into the ball. The trees are the hairs on this balled-up, tortured god's back, and people and animals are the vermin and the fleas. So volcanoes...well, in my mind--they weren't mentioned in the legend mind you--they must be zits and snot holes. Mmm, mmm, mother earth.

I find it absolutely intriguing how humans can develop such opposing views of earth. The mother, versus the rolled up, rotting, suffering god--I mean, maybe they're somehow connected. I'm sure fleas feel that we're quite kind and nurturing, up to a point.

Anyway, rambling. A good way to announce your blog redesign.

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  1. oh, also, lots of colors. WAAAY too many colors, and lots of emo black!!!