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Saturday, April 16, 2011

How Not To Explain What You Meant In a Previous Post

SO I've been uploading some old stuff recently--the last two posts were from high school, actually.  So long ago.

Actually not really, I remember it all like it was yesterday, as they say.  Anyway, so when I said, "from a former self" that just means that it was from myself a little while back and may or may not be my best work anymore--just that I thought it was still interesting.

Ya know?



The first part doesn't apply to you, BUT yeah, me, bein' in a horror movie.  Whoohoo!

See what I did there?  Way off topic, way too long, way boring, and you still don't know what I meant in the Previous Post.  That, my friends, was how not to explain what I meant in the previous post.

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