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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Social things I learned from Homeschool and Things I learned from Public School

Social things I learned from Homeschool and Things I learned from Public School

scrawled by Petre Pan on t' date o' Satarrrday, Januarrrry 9, 2010 roundabouts 9:55 in the mornin'
-How to say it straight and say it loud.
-Being a jerk gets you in trouble. Serious trouble.
-School is for learning, and if you need the resources we'll find them!
-You have to make up with people and solve your problems.
-Carry a baby on your shoulder to protect yourself socially. It really, really, really works.
-If you're not being different, you're a boring copycat and everyone has to just tolerate you.
-Love heals all.
-All manner of horrible things can happen to good people. As long as you have someone to hug when you have nightmares, you can and will survive.
-How to fall in love with a place. (not my home, btw...)
-Singing every moment of the day is a wonderful, wonderful way to get schooled.
-No one can stop your dreams if you're willing to fight for them. NO ONE.

Public school:
-Manipulation and hiding your intent will get you very, very far.
-Being a jerk gets you social praise. A quick comeback is a good friend, and the faster and harsher you say it, the better.
-Basically, school is not for learning. It's for getting into college. Stress now.
-You can just avoid the people you don't like. You can do that with just about any problem.
-Being different is only allowed within a certain mathematical standard deviation. Anything outside that range is masochism.
-Not all authority figures have your best intent in mind. In fact, a ton of them are out to shape you into something you'll regret.
-Some battles are REALLY REALLY REALLY not worth fighting, AT ALL.
-Chill out.
-Friends are found in unlikely places.
-Good people are often shallow, and deep people often have LOTS of problems. It's hard to choose who to hang around.
-All the horrible things you thought you were incapable of doing? It just takes the right provocation. So watch yourself, or you'll wake up and find you're not who you wanna be.
-God can love anyone.

Things I learned in college:
-Alcohol should be legal for people 16-18. Trust me, it should.

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  1. Haha... nice. One that struck me with an "oh-that's-so-true!" moment was good people being shallow and deep people having tons of problems. Yes.