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Friday, December 31, 2010

How Not To Update Frequently

As you can see, I also do not believe in updating frequently. Why? Well, any time you update a blog frequently, you maintain interest. You maintain web traffic. You get hits on your Google Ads and you make money. Etc Etc. Why would you ever want that? The goal of this blog is failure. If I succeed, high school kids might rip off my essays. Why would I ever want that?

(Another good "fail" technique in writing--repetition. See how I did that up there, with the "why would I ever want that?")

Bananas are awesome.

Well, not really. I lied, I'm actually still off topic. I'm just on another topic. That is the topic of how I am doing, in case you asked. I'm great! So many ideas. I want to work on a new music project playing with some of a great author's poems, and I wanna record a hilarious music video about the bathroom, and I wanna do a Prometheus Studies blog...I'd also like to go overseas with an anti-persecution organization. I am so swamped with ideas that I usually don't end up fulfilling any of them.
So I guess I'm not great...

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