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Monday, September 26, 2011

How Not to Start a New Blog


I starteded a new blog about an old project I been aworkin' on!

I believe that should be a pretty fair demonstration of how not to start a new blog.  If you would like to fail at starting a new blog, of course you must never tell your reader the actual topic of the blog.  Instead, you must rely on their blind loyalty to you, and assume that simply because you, the omnipotently wonderful author, have written said blog, they should see it.

If you would like to fail at advertising a new blog, you could also come right out as a blatant money-hog.  Yes, I said money-hog.  Like that little piggy bank you never put pennies in, so it remained empty and hungry, crying out in plastic or ceramic silence for jingling sustenance.  "Ads!  Ads to click on at !  I need money, and you have it!  So click on some ads!"

Don't ever do that.  It will cause google to remove you from their adsense program and quite possibly shut down your blog.

See how I'm waiting until the very end to tell you what the new project is?  See how by now you don't really care and may already have left the page?  That's how not to start a new blog.

I have, for several years, wondered what sounds define our world, for if music is merely sounds the mind interprets in numeric patterns--well, our entire earth's natural cycles and physics systems and even our history proceeds in patterns and repeats.  If you could live outside of that whole world and possibly comprehend all the patterns and repeats, and actually listen to the entire scene from the beginning until the end of time, would you hear music?  If I wanted to make a snapshot of that music, what sounds ought I include?

And so began the Most Important Sounds project.  I have asked people all over the world what sounds they consider the most important.  I have only recently begun to include celebrities, and to compile the data given to me by all the citizens of the world.  I have realized that when you begin asking this sound question of people, you begin to feel their hearts.  You begin to want to ask more sound questions.  You begin to know yourself.

And so I'm launching this new/old project to share with you all.  I want to brighten your day, one question and answer at a time, and put us that much closer to peaceful understanding of one another through sound.
Be there.  It's a blog about you.

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