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Thursday, September 22, 2011

How Not To Share Your Feelings With Your Reader

I realize that I was once so poignant, so profound and beautiful.

Perhaps that's inappropriate arrogance, but I really don't think so.  I was reading over an old blog post where I simply poured out my poor, sad soul, and I find it much more attractive to read than all these academic articles and all the information that actually benefits you all. 

The weird thing--the weird thing dangles around me, but I generally ignore it.  Today I pluck it out of the air, off the string of thought that begins with checking my blog stats.  I pluck out that weird thing, and see that it is this:

You, who read this, know so much more about me than I know about you.  I know you are from Russia, and you use Firefox and Chrome, and sometimes those weird alternative webbrowsers that make you look so hipster.  I know that when you come from the US, you come to me searching for strange things like blog trampling or bike forum information.  What are you?  I know that once in a while, one of you will google my name. 

I wonder things about you.  I wonder if anything I write actually helps you or convinces you.  I wonder if you're only here to plaigerize academic papers.  I wonder if you're only here to creep out on me, if one day you'll strangle me in my sleep.  I don't worry.  My husband and I can keep you incapacitated until the cops arrive.  But I do wonder.

I wonder, because a large number of you google ""  What are you?  Are you robots?  Or do you just not know how to type that into the URL bar?  Are you a kindly eighty year old who prays for me every day?  Are you a hater?

Most of all, I wonder if I can actually do anything to help you.  I wish, I hope that I can, in some small way, write something that brings light to your day and fire to your heart.  But I suppose that's not my job.  I can write, but the light and the fire...

Well, they burst from the dying Prometheus.


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