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Monday, August 20, 2012


If this were a youtube channel, I'd make a youtube video all about how wonderful my viewers are and so on and so forth.

I started this blog as an attempt at dark humor. My life, I figured, always encounters failure after failure, so who better than me to write about how not to do things? The darkness was too real; I let it go because I already spend enough time depressing myself. Now, I'm better equipped to do something like that--I can actually laugh about things--and maybe I will release a few how-not-tos, but I find I only like to make fun of myself, not other people, and I haven't done anything stupid lately that's funny. So where are we?

10,000 times, people have gotten information from this website. Some are repeat-people, coming back for more, but most people come, get something, and go. It's wide, not deep, and it means there's no way google adsense can find a target audience to make me substantial money. That's awesome. That's how not to run a blog. You're supposed to focus on a dedicated group who returns, over and over. But this is shot-gun-style blogging, not sniping, and we're just spraying information at everybody from all sides.

We're now a vast collection of informations on everything. I truly did major in the Universe. And I'm starting to figure out what this is about.

"How not to" is about trying things you're 'not' supposed to do. It's about finding a different place to market your work when you're just starting out and studying everything. It's about having a unique thesis--one you're not supposed to have--and looking in unique places for information. It's about studying bees, and Chinese unity gourds, and all those things you should know better than to put together. It's about trying something new, because it works for me to have somewhere to centralize my work. "How not to" is about stepping off the beaten path. THIS is how I live my life.

And it's f-in' rad.

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