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Thursday, March 15, 2012

How Not to Stay on Topic: Fiction, News, and Feelings

Another blog post for another day! I realized today, what with my writing fiction so much and all, that I really ought to have a blog for writing fiction. Or writing about fiction. But I think it's so pretentious to pretend (wow) that I have wonderful great advice for people on that--while I do know a little more about the publishing process than the average grunt, I'm still...well, the average grunt. So I guess that's why I don't have THAT going on. Although, I suppose, pretending to know everything about writing fiction might be a great HOW NOT TO exercise. BUT I am considering doing little flash fiction bits every now and again if you like. Just for you, you know. Only considering.

I know, all of you who visit this blog visit for the news and the facts. Because yes, news and facts are pretty dang awesome. And I know it's been a while. Don't worry! You've got some African History coming your way shortly, and I may do a quick little "this week in Paraguay" for you as well. Because, yannow, news. Know your audience, and all that. But this is the how NOT to blog. I am allowed to NOT know my audience. To pretend that you're all thirteen-year-old girls who like to listen to me ramble.

In other things, there's a ring with a diamond on it--and it's on my finger. I always thought I wasn't the type. I guess I'm still not, considering that one of my first thoughts that I remember afterwards was, "dude, this is diamond. Hardest material on earth. I could like, go smash in windows and stuff!"

Speaking of how not to (I wasn't)--I know I've gotten like 8000 views over the past few months. Do any of you 500 viewers from last month have any...comments on layout improvement? I was planning on keeping the sucky layout, because, yannow, HOW NOT TO. But it's kinda hurting my eyes. Should I? Should I not?

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